SHOES! Because Cinderella taught us that it doesn’t matter how extraordinary you look, if you don’t have the perfect shoe.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know the ecstasy of buying shoes, because when it comes to comfortable heels, there’s always room for more.

Fashion being an instant language, the shoes you put on could be your first words. How many times have you stood in front of the mirror checking if your outfit is on point, just to pair it up with boring neutral shoes? The right pair of comfortable heels can make or break a look. Your footwear is what keeps you going through the day, I can’t imagine how you could waltz through it if you keep stumbling.

With Kerry Parker’s latest Cocktail Collection, it’s all about the finesse that embellishments are capable of adding to your footwear. Fascinating, happy hues and beautiful embellishments add to those wonders called womens pumps. It’s where high end fashion and street style collides. Trending high among the fashion crowd, these sensational adornments definitely steal the show and add to the cutesy look. Ooze out your glamourous side with these opulent embellished comfortable heels that articulate the power of your style and fashion.

These dramatic sandals boasting chunky and comfortable block heels are capable of elevating your look to completely new heights. They channel the fireheart in you when donned with the Carnations at Dawn fishnet tights and an off-white mini dress. It’s an outfit-transforming pair that is sure to make you fall in love with it and sweep you off your feet. These are unbelievably gorgeous must-haves.

Pointed womens pumps with a sleek feminine yet modest heel are always a hit and are definitely here to stay. They sure have something uniquely attractive about them that never detach them from the runways. From sun kissed yellow to ocean fresh aqua shades, slip into a colourful and enticing range of heels that will make a statement and add a spring in your step, because nothing lifts your style like a great pair of shoes.


These gorgeous aqua blue womens pumps will surely become a favourite in your shoe-closet additions. Pair them up with the Vanilla Sky fishnet stockings, white shorts and an aqua blue halter neck top for a chic look that will keep you going in full rhythm. Crafted to perfection, this sparkling and glitzy beauty is a head turner that gives you timeless elegance and beauty that never fades.

With these truly tantalizing and absolutely stunning candy pink heels, turn every side walk into a red carpet. This sassy pair would be an easy and chic wardrobe upgrade. Embrace the upbeat trends and pair these super cute heels with the Pink Panther fishnet tights, a sky blue skater dress to impress the fashion-conscious crowd around you with your charisma.

With this cocktail collection, every day is a “I need more shoes” kind of a day, isn’t it?

Life isn’t perfect, but your shoes can be. So, what’s your pick?