Top 3 Ways to Rock Outfits Outside of Your Comfort Zone

When it comes to dating, we can’t always be in control of things, or lead the way in terms of where the date takes place, how long it lasts or how it ends. Sometimes we need to adapt to the situation because dating, especially older dating online, can take us in so many different directions, introducing us to all sorts of people, and throwing us in situations way outside of our comfort zone. At the same time, there are little things you can do so you look and feel the part even though you’d never thought you’d find yourself at an event, venue or social gathering of a certain sort.

1.     Make Every Outfit Your Own

The ‘red carpet’ isn’t really your style because it doesn’t match your cutsie, quirky, low-maintenance personality, and yet you’re still expected to accompany your partner to a formal event at a foreign embassy, a fancy company party or a high-end wedding. There is no way around this – not only do you have to go and make small talk with people you’d never cross paths with in ‘real life’, but you have to dress like them, and try to fit in at least for the night. Formal wear definitely means a fancy dress and high-heel shoes, preferably costing an arm and a leg. However, the first thing to consider is not maxing out your credit card to purchase a pricey outfit because you can always rent one, and you can use your hair and makeup to put a little pizzazz to it by going for sexy instead of showing up looking like a total square.

2.     Flexibility of the Mind is Key

All girls use clothes to make statements and express themselves, whether they realize it or not. Your self-expression is your choice entirely, except when you have to trade in your fancy purses and footwear for a weekend of camping out in the woods with the boys (some of us are high maintenance, too!). You want to fit in and be a part of your boyfriend’s world, but bugs and communal bathrooms are simply something you wouldn’t even wish upon your worst enemy. But alas, you are going to go, and have a good time too by packing up your sexiest sweatpants and t-shirts, shorts, swimsuits, and even sneakers. Your silver or gold sneakers will come in handy when your flashlight battery dies in the middle of the night to light the way for you! Almost.

3.     Don’t Dress for Your Boyfriend

There are other ways to please your beau, and dressing for him is not one of them. Since going out with him is the reason you have to wear clothes you never thought you’d be caught dead wearing, the least he can do is love you even in you shiny sneakers at camp! No matter the occasion or event you have to attend, keep his style in mind so you do look like a match made in Bloomingdale’s heaven, but keep your outfit your own so you don’t feel like you’re losing yourself in his world, be it temporarily or permanently.