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Top 3 Killer Summer Looks that Will Turn More than a Few Heads

Although most fashionistas would tell you that fall is their absolute favorite season for dressing to impress, there is no denying the fact that summer fashion can turn more than a few heads as well without being too simple, sleazy or uninspiring. Instead of browsing those cougar dating sites all day in the hopes of meeting a cute match to go out with next Saturday, how about you try and do it the old-fashioned way by going out into the real world and meeting cute strangers? Today, we take a look at the top 3 killer summer outfits that are bound to turn more than a few heads wherever you appear!

1.    Make Rompers Your Friends

Given that it’s hot in the summer and layering is out of the question, there isn’t much you can do except wear as few pieces of clothing at once as possible unless you’re spending your summer in Iceland, which is an entirely different matter altogether. If that’s not the case, a romper is a great piece to wardrobe and make your own, even though it looks as simple as an item of clothing can get.

However, not all rompers are created equal, and you’ll have to try on a few before you stumble upon a winner, much like with a bikini, but once you do, it will make you look like a million dollars. Showing off your figure, and hugging every curve without making you boil underneath it, a good romper is a go-to piece for both day and night. What you absolutely have to make sure you do is accessorize, including a necklace that matches the romper’s neckline, and bracelets that add just enough pizzazz, and you’re all set. Wear your hair in a high ponytail or a messy bun, and you won’t believe the effect!

2.    Essential Footwear

Summer footwear is funky, sexy, and not necessarily uncomfortable! You can dress down your romper with a pair of cute wedges that will make your legs look leaner without making you feel like you’re overdressed for a party. A good pair of wedges is comfortable, and yet you’re essentially wearing heels that make you look and feel incredibly sexy without trying too hard. If you want to dress up your romper, go for a pair of strappy sandals with high, thin heels. We promise they’ll be a show stopper, and innocent bystanders won’t even know what hit them! Don’t forget that men think flip-flops are sexy for some reason, which makes things super-easy for all of us dressing to impress. Flip-flops are perfect with a pair of boyfriend denim and a tight top or any kind of top that will show your shape to balance out the bagginess of the jeans.

3.    Dresses Are Your Best Friends

There is no easier way to achieve the kind of look you desire in the summer than to wear a cute/sexy/flowy dress for any occasion. You don’t have to worry about wardrobing it because it’s a stand-alone piece that speaks volumes about your sense of style. Choose a fabric that will make you feel comfortable, sort of like easy-breezy with a touch of mischievous, pair it with any kind of footwear that matches the style of the dress, and polish off the look with wavy hair and minimal makeup. Let the dress speak for itself, but do add a little bit of chic to it with a chunky necklace or a headpiece.