Top 3 First Date Fashion Pet Peeves Guys Love to Commit

Even if you were a descendant of an Italian fashion icon, we beg you to please choose your first date outfit very carefully! Whether you’ve met your girl on one of those BBW dating sites, have known her for a while but for some reason sparks only started flying recently or are going on a blind date, please be advised that we don’t care for guys with a stronger fashion sense than ours! Also, having no fashion sense at all is a turn off, so putting just a little bit of thought into picking what to wear will be highly appreciated. Below, we discuss a few of the pet peeves we just can’t stand, so take note and act accordingly!

1.     Overdressing for the Occasion

Although overdressing is usually our job, guys who are pretentious, overly ambitious or simply have no sense of style love to overdress for the first date. What kind of a venue, date idea or outing with a girl for the first time requires you to wear a suit? There is no such thing, unless you’re going to the opera, and even then a suit isn’t necessary. And who takes a girl to the opera on the first date anyway? Overdressing doesn’t impress, it just looks like you’re either trying too hard or are even arrogant, none of which are particularly popular traits with the ladies. A first date is stressful as it is, but it is not a job interview, for crying out loud! You’re supposed to impress, but not with your wardrobe that is more respectable than your date’s, but with your intelligence, sense of humor, and manners!

2.     Underdressing for the Occasion

There are two equally horrendous mistakes that guys make when choosing an outfit for the first date, and they’re both in the same realm. Those who wouldn’t overdress if their lives depended on it often run the risk of going to the opposite extreme and totally underdressing for the occasion! Let’s get something straight: jeans are your no.1 choice when it comes to bottoms, not shorts or sweatpants unless it’s over 85 degrees outside! We understand that in your mind the line between being comfortable and being too comfortable is blurred, which is why we ask you not to even think about what to wear and to just go for a pair of jeans. If you do that, we trust that the rest of the outfit will follow naturally.

3.     Gadget Overkill

Although it is still debatable whether gadgets are part of accessories or not, they surely make a statement, and that statement says a lot about your lifestyle and the choices that you make. Please remember that people who are really successful have their success speak for them, not their phones, tablets, Apple computers, or whatever all the crazy kids are into these days. Real men don’t flaunt their wealth! People who are truly successful don’t have the need to show it everywhere they go because their reputation precedes them. This means that any kind of status symbol that shows you ‘follow fashion’, are trendy, hold a good job, live the high life or anything remotely related to popular culture pretty much either says you’re immature, broke or insecure. Wouldn’t you rather be down to earth, approachable and confident instead? If so, leave the status symbols and pricey gadgets at home if you have them.