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These Are the Best Comb Over Fade Haircuts to Try

Comb over fade haircuts have for a long time remained the best hairstyles especially amongst salespeople and brokers. However, these hairstyles have been revived and improved for a more modern aesthetic since the in the 90’s when likes of Hamm and Timberlake began wearing them.

It is a sleek, versatile and modern haircut that is suitable for almost all face shapes. From a classic slick back to a wavy brush-over, we have a list of the best comb over fade haircuts to inspire your next look.

  1. Comb Over Low Fade

It is without a doubt that a comb over is a classic haircut design, but when you incorporate a fade to the mix, you take the haircut entirely into a new level. A low level gives you a more traditional, conservative choice. By starting with a tapered bow near the ears, you get a more intricate transition into length on top. It is the proper haircut for beaded guys or anyone looking for a hairstyle that is timeless and on trend.

  1. Comb Over Medium Fade

In this hairstyle, the fade is beginning at a level higher than the traditional low fade, but allowing space to taper into length. The swirled hair starts the fade slightly above the ears giving you a style that is bold and works perfectly with your hair length at the top.  The medium fade looks great on well-styled straight hair.

  1. Short Comb Over Fade

Meant to be worn with a suit, this short comb over is beautiful on any face shape. For those men who find their hair hard to manage or those who need to show off a polished aesthetic, this is the best haircut for you. It is the best option that can be rocked by anyone. The haircut looks great without facial hair.

  1. Long Comb Over

This long comb over fade is an ideal choice for the men who want to maintain both the length at the top and on the sides. It is all about keeping length while having the hair styled into a subtle and loose comb over. You can opt for a blow-dry for more volume at the top or just secure it with pomade. The elongated hair allows for versatility, and that implies that you are not restricted to a comb over. You can opt for many other options available for you.

  1. Comb Over Pompadour

Looking for a haircut that will bring volume to your look? The pompadour is a stunning way to include more levels on to your comb over. The options for working with the contemporary pompadour endless and only limited by your imagination and your hair type. Utilize a little hold pomade on a voluminous hair for an enhanced sweeping look. Alternatively, you can choose a stronger pomade for a sweet and neater pompadour.