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Style tips when wearing a denim jacket

Struggling to figure out how you can possibly pull off the One Denim jacket look? It’s your lucky day as this easy and quick guide is all you need to slay the look.

Denim is something that goes with any colour. Here, you will come to know to make various colors fit best with your denim jacket and how you can style your everyday look with it.

Denim is the staple look and there are plenty of people out there who are big-time denim fans. When worn right, these jackets can really make your personality stand out. Although denim jackets are an all-rounder but they still need the perfect layering before you step out of your door.

Timeless look and integrity are what denim jackets are all about. That’s why we see many celebrities stepping out in the streets wearing these jackets. Wearing a denim jacket means you have chosen a smart overcoat that is fine even in the daylight.

Styling with denim

Denim was not really the thing of the early showbiz. It started to take over in the 90’s and then the fashion soon faded with time. But now it has made quite a comeback. A pair of tan ankle boots topped with a knit jumper and a denim jacket overcoat gives the perfect Western classic look with an urban touch.

Denim with the right fitting

One thing that just cannot be ignored is the fact that denim only looks good if it is in the right fit. You might dig the look but if by mistake, you buy the wrong size then things are not going to end in your favor. You must have observed that denim jackets are actually a little baggy. They have got plenty of room in the sleeves to give a casual fit for work movement. It will all make sense once you start wearing it.

So how do you make sure it is the right size? Here is how. The cut of the jacket should sit around your waist. If it is too short then it will look as if you were wearing a feminine denim jacket and if it is too long then it might look as if you are wearing an untucked shirt. You will need to find something in between that sits right.

As denim jackets appear a little baggy, it is always best to wear them with slim trousers and smart shoes. Big trainers and baggy jeans are a big no. Also, stay away from these outfit blunders.

Various tips and tricks are out there that can make your denim jacket look even smarter. You can either go for the baggy jackets or the properly fitted ones depending on your personality or the kind of look you want to achieve. Choose from the basic tones such as white, grey or black shirts to wear under the jacket. Whether it is a fur-lined jacket or layer it up, denim is the perfect daytime look for anyone. As long as you follow the right styling tips, you will look good in it.