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Pilot aptitude test is the sure shot way to select the right candidate

Tests are the best measures to assess the potential of a candidate. In the aviation industry, the recruitment needs are highly specialized in nature and thus pilot aptitude test holds immense importance. With the help of such test, the employers can assess the overall mental capabilities of pilots. This kind of test will highlight various aspects like the psychological strengths and weaknesses of the applicant, behavioural pattern, intellectual abilities and general well-being.

One can also say that pilot aptitude test is a comprehensive kind of psychometric test that is used to assess all the faculties of an individual’s mind. Pilot aptitude test is the most suitable criterion for hiring candidates in the aviation sector. Such a test helps in scrutinizing all the aspects of an individual’s personality to the core.

If you belong to the aviation sector or are somewhere associated with the recruitment aspect of pilots, then it is highly important to conduct this kind of test.  Such a test has been conducted for decades to judge whether the candidate is suitable for the aviation sector or not. So, the overall importance of this test can’t be neglected at all.

What is actually a pilot aptitude test?

Pilot aptitude test is a psychometric test that is used to evaluate that whether an individual can complete the given task in a competent manner or not. Although there are many types of aptitude tests in the present times but a pilot aptitude test is specifically designed to test the mental capabilities, behaviour, and interpretational strengths of the pilots.

It is a fact that almost all the airlines want that their pilots should be able to meet a minimum level of aptitude. A pilot’s job is really specialized in nature and exceptional level of understanding and a specific kind of attitude is needed to fit in this role. A candidate might have qualified the pilot training process but if the aptitude quotient is not up to the mark then he or she may not prove to be an asset for the aviation sector.

The behavioural competencies and cognitive abilities are tested in a comprehensive manner with the help of pilot aptitude test. So, it can be said with absolute surety that by conducting such a specialized kind of test one would be able to select the finest candidates among all the applicants.

What are the aspects covered in the pilot aptitude test?

Various things are checked through the pilot aptitude test like team management skills, the ability to adhere to the process guidelines, ability to understand the instructions, ability to handle crisis situation, emotional stability of an individual, the ability to handle pressure, the ability to take right decision on right time, communication skills, ability to multitask, problem solving capacity, observational skills, power of spatial reasoning, etc.

The above mentioned aspects are the main things that are checked with the help of pilot aptitude test. In order to test all these aspects of an individual, a combination of questions are asked from the domains like mental arithmetic, eye hand coordination exercises, perceptual capacity, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, error correction, estimation accuracy, data interpretation, recall ability etc.

The questions in a pilot aptitude test can be divided into different sections and the marks allotment may also vary depending on the complexity of questions. All such questions when put together, will help to evaluate the actual potential of the candidates. Pilot aptitude test is the most efficient as well as reliable means by which correct recruitment decision can be taken in the aviation sector.

How a pilot aptitude test is really helpful for the aviation sector?

Pilot aptitude test is really helpful for the recruitment process in aviation sector and here is an idea about it –

  • With the help of such test it would become very easy to hire key personnel like pilot trainee, junior pilot, senior pilot, chief pilot, etc.
  • Pilot’s job is highly risky and lot of trust is needed to assign this kind of responsibility. Pilot aptitude test will surely reflect the best candidate amongst all.
  • Airline industry always wishes to hire the best team of pilots that are having immense knowledge in this field. By conducting such a test one can get a talented group of professional pilots.
  • Such a recruitment test is the perfect medium for getting productive results in the future. If a deserving applicant would be selected then it is a win-win situation for the aviation sector.
  • Not just for hiring the new pilots or trainee pilots but such a test can also be used as an evaluation criterion when promotions are to be done.

These are some of the topmost reasons why pilot aptitude test holds immense importance in the aviation sector.

The process of evaluation

In the present times, pilot aptitude test is conducted in an online form. Pen and paper mode is hardly used. Technology has become really advanced and thus online pilot aptitude test is the best solution for recruiting the employees in aviation sector.

With the help of such test, you can handover the specific set of questions to each candidate. Specific time limit can be allotted for answering and the test results can be checked on real time basis. The performance summary is instantly available after the test is over. The scores of different candidates can be compared in a hassle free manner, and thus, finally, it can be decided which ones are the best candidates among all.

Genuine advice for help

The recruitment decision related to pilots would be unsatisfactory without opting for a pilot aptitude test. Depending on the level of job position such as trainee pilot, junior pilot, senior pilot etc. the complexity level of the questions can be kept different. But, overall, it can be said with absolute surety that there is no substitute for this test. Just the knowledge related to aircrafts and pilot training is not sufficient, one needs to have the right level of aptitude for becoming a professional pilot. When you want the best candidate for the job,then don’t overlook the importance of a highly credible test like pilot aptitude test.