Knock His Socks Off with 2 Key Fall Fashion Items

Fall might not be the sexiest of seasons but there is no denying it is by far the most romantic. However, there are still incredibly cute and stylish ways to look sexy before the winter hits and you have to bundle up, whether you like it or not. No matter what your personal style is like, there are always ways to take it up a notch when going on a date with your crush that you’ve been secretly crazy about for months, even if you’re leading a devout Christian lifestyle!

Obviously, nobody is suggesting naval deep cleavage or uber short skirts because the point is to look attractive, and feel comfortable while completely eliminating the risk of looking tacky. In other words, even if you’re a leaning more towards the conservative side, fear not because you can still knock his socks off come fall!

Flat Knee-High Boots Make Their Heads Spin

Flat knee-high boots for the fall are the perfect ‘accessory’ to tie any outfit together. Even though they’re flat and most men will tell you they prefer to see a woman in heels, there is no denying the effect of boots on the men’s brain, especially if they’re above the knee. In the fall you can rock a pair of cute black suede boots especially before late October or early November prior to the rain season.

Clearly, you can always replace them with a pair of rubber boots to stay dry, but unfortunately, men don’t think ‘fisherman’ footwear is sexy. Rock your knee-highs with thick leggings that show off your thighs, but not your behind because that’s borderline trashy at best. For an extremely cute kind of look, pair with a fall dress and throw a blazer on top to complete your outfit and turn more than a few heads as you stroll down the street even with him right beside you!

The Right Accessories at the Right Time

Men don’t notice the little things. They just see a full package and have no idea how much energy, creativity, and funds go into being a knock-out. Nonetheless, just because they don’t notice the details doesn’t mean the details don’t add the right kind of pizzazz to your outfit when you need it most. For instance, if you’ve got earrings that make your eyes sparkle, wear them when you go to meet with him. A few thin necklaces each longer than the last with discreet charms pretty much complete any look for you, and there is no need to worry about adding anything else, except for a ring or two if you’re into wearing fashion rings.

Men are not crazy about belts that go on top of a blazer or dress so forget about those, but what you should not forget about as your no. 1 accessory no girl can do without is your hair. Long locks, short waves, waves styled with a diffuser, a curling iron or with just a little bit of foam to keep them intact are all irresistible options for the fall. Forget flat, straight hair because nothing says ‘not only am I cute, but I’m also crazy about you’ like wavy hair with a few accent highlights thrown in for good measure.