How to Shape Eyebrows

How to Shape Eyebrows

How to Shape Eyebrows or Eyebrow Shaping

The world of beauty is filled with experts and legends. Most of them started learning beautification from their art teacher. According to experts, at first, it was just a hobby. But as the years go by, the interest grows, and before they know it, it became their profession.


One of the most important aspects of makeup artistry is eyebrow shaping. According to makeup artists, if you want to change the emotion of people’s face, all you need to do is to change the shape of the eyebrows. You can make a face look surprised, happy, worried or angry, just by changing or adjusting the brows.


You need to know and understand the dynamics of good brow shaping, including proportions and balance. Most of the experts started working as a freelance before getting in a prominent beauty parlor to gain experience. The endgame is to work with celebrities since most of them do not know how to do their eyebrows.


To make sure that you develop the right skills and techniques to shape it, you need to continually go to the library and study the human bone structure, as well as their natural shape. Listed below are some of the basic questions that need to be answered to understand the shaping business.


What are the ideal shapes?


People should shape their brows according to the shape of their face or their facial structure. Use a pencil and hold it from the outer edge of the nose going up to the eyebrows. The front of the brows needs to begin a little bit further going inside of the pencil.


The next thing you need to do is to hold the pencil from the outer corner of your nose going to the outer edge of the eye. It is where the brow needs to end. Then place the pencil on the tip of your nose going across the center of your eye. It should be the highest point of your eyebrow.


What is the best way to fill the brows?


When you are filling them, you still want them to look more natural. Natural brows have more hair, to make the light around them create a natural shadow on your skin with the help of the hair. That is why to achieve this; you need to use two-dimensional colors for that.


For the base of the brow shape, you can use products that are one shade lighter compared to the natural color of the eyebrows. You can then create hair-like strokes in areas with shades that are one or two shades darker compared the natural hair. That way, you can create a dimension that imitates the natural light.


A lot of experts are not a fan of eyebrows that looks like a square and blocks on the front. The best thing you need to do is to start from the brow’s highest point and work towards outwards. This type of method is usually useful if you are using a pomade or a gel that requires a small brush. This way, a lot of products will go on in the middle to the end, and you can use leftover products at the front.

How to Shape Eyebrows or Eyebrow Shaping

How to trim the eyebrow?


Trimming is quite tricky. If you trim it too much, you will ruin the arch of the brows. The hair has a natural curl and when you cut and brush them, it is easy to cut them too short. Usually, you need to get your brows trimmed by experts or professional artist or aesthetician, but if you like to do it, you need to be careful only to remove or cut a small amount.


How do you make big and bushy eyebrows?


If you want to make a big and bushy eyebrow look, the best product to use is something like a brow gel. Use a small brush that looks like a mascara wand and put the product in your hand. Use the brush to spread the gel horizontally to color every hair. After that, you can continue applying the product using an angled brush to create natural hair-like strokes.


What is the best method to shape the brow – tweezing, waxing or threading?


Most experts use three methods when they are shaping the area, waxing, tweezing and threading. Waxing and tweezing are more precise compared to threading. Not only that, they are less painful. Threading produces a cleaner result.


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The effectiveness of these methods depends on the skill of the artist and what the client prefers. The most important thing you need to remember is to use the right tools to remove the hair, as well as what type of hair to remove.


At what point do you think that the make-up routine should fill in the eyebrow?


Most artists do the brows last, but it still depends on the artist’s preference. But for people who do them last, their reason is that they can balance out their entire make-up look by doing the brow at the end.