Dressing for the First Date: The Dos and Don’ts

Regardless if you’re a serial dater, into widower dating, recently divorced and haven’t been out with a guy in forever, or you’ve just happened to stumble upon a perfect candidate to fly you to the moon over the next several months (or years), you need to take dressing for the first date into serious consideration.

Where is the date taking place? Is it low-key or do you need fancy shoes and purses to go with your outfit choices? What’s your date’s style? This is another important factor to keep in mind because you don’t want to find yourself way out of his comfort zone. Below, we take a look at how you should decide on what to wear to ensure you’re comfortable, and he’s smitten!

1.     Dress for Comfort, Sort of

Unless you’re going on a date to your aunt’s cottage, you shouldn’t be wearing any of your comfort clothes or shoes. Naturally, you need to feel good about your choice of outfit and to be relaxed enough during your date as to not fidget, spend the entire night sitting in a chair because your shoes are killing you, or freezing your behind off in a desperate attempt to look sexy in February. That being said, no matter the month, the venue or even your date’s style, you absolutely need to feel sexy in your clothes.

The vibe you’re sending off needs to be that of a confident woman happy with where she is in life. If this means wearing a tight dress and 9-inch heels, so be it. It could also mean a flowy, white cotton dress on a steaming hot August night, and a cute pair of wedges paired with wavy hair and minimal makeup.

2.     Dress for Him, Sort of

Try to take a guess as to what kind of vibe from a female he can’t resist. Clothes don’t make a man, or woman in this case, obviously, but we all act differently depending on what we’re wearing. You should be yourself, but ‘yourself’ could also find little ways to tweak her style and attitude for the night to ensure he’s drunk on you for the next two days without having a drop of alcohol. We’re not talking about manipulation per se, but we are talking about the kind of wisdom only the females of the species have been blessed with.

3.     Don’t Wear New Clothes

How many times have you bought a pair of leather shoes or boots only to find out later they have this awful leather stench that is impossible to get out? How many times have you bought a dress or a top that looked and felt amazing at the store, only to subsequently discover to your astonishment that you sweat in it like a rugby team? And don’t even get us started on breaking in new footwear and how long that takes. Pick your favorite outfit, not a new outfit, that you know works like a charm in these situations or at least makes you feel confident enough that you can work your magic on the person sitting across from you at the dinner table.