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Top 3 Killer Summer Looks that Will Turn More than a Few Heads

Although most fashionistas would tell you that fall is their absolute favorite season for dressing to impress, there is no denying the fact that summer fashion can turn more than a few heads as well without being too simple, sleazy or uninspiring. Instead of browsing those cougar dating sites all day in the hopes of meeting a cute match to go out with next Saturday, how about you try and do it the old-fashioned way by going out into the real world and meeting cute strangers? Today, we take a look at the top 3 killer summer outfits that are bound to turn more than a few heads wherever you appear!

1.    Make Rompers Your Friends

Given that it’s hot in the summer and layering is out of the question, there isn’t much you can do except wear as few pieces of clothing at once as possible unless you’re spending … Read the rest

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Pilot aptitude test is the sure shot way to select the right candidate

Tests are the best measures to assess the potential of a candidate. In the aviation industry, the recruitment needs are highly specialized in nature and thus pilot aptitude test holds immense importance. With the help of such test, the employers can assess the overall mental capabilities of pilots. This kind of test will highlight various aspects like the psychological strengths and weaknesses of the applicant, behavioural pattern, intellectual abilities and general well-being.

One can also say that pilot aptitude test is a comprehensive kind of psychometric test that is used to assess all the faculties of an individual’s mind. Pilot aptitude test is the most suitable criterion for hiring candidates in the aviation sector. Such a test helps in scrutinizing all the aspects of an individual’s personality to the core.

If you belong to the aviation sector or are somewhere associated with the recruitment aspect of pilots, then it is … Read the rest