Knock His Socks Off with 2 Key Fall Fashion Items

Fall might not be the sexiest of seasons but there is no denying it is by far the most romantic. However, there are still incredibly cute and stylish ways to look sexy before the winter hits and you have to bundle up, whether you like it or not. No matter what your personal style is like, there are always ways to take it up a notch when going on a date with your crush that you’ve been secretly crazy about for months, even if you’re leading a devout Christian lifestyle!

Obviously, nobody is suggesting naval deep cleavage or uber short skirts because the point is to look attractive, and feel comfortable while completely eliminating the risk of looking tacky. In other words, even if you’re a leaning more towards the conservative side, fear not because you can still knock his socks off come fall!

Flat Knee-High Boots Make Their

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Top 3 First Date Fashion Pet Peeves Guys Love to Commit

Even if you were a descendant of an Italian fashion icon, we beg you to please choose your first date outfit very carefully! Whether you’ve met your girl on one of those BBW dating sites, have known her for a while but for some reason sparks only started flying recently or are going on a blind date, please be advised that we don’t care for guys with a stronger fashion sense than ours! Also, having no fashion sense at all is a turn off, so putting just a little bit of thought into picking what to wear will be highly appreciated. Below, we discuss a few of the pet peeves we just can’t stand, so take note and act accordingly!

1.     Overdressing for the Occasion

Although overdressing is usually our job, guys who are pretentious, overly ambitious or simply have no sense of style love to overdress for the … Read the rest


Top 3 Ways to Rock Outfits Outside of Your Comfort Zone

When it comes to dating, we can’t always be in control of things, or lead the way in terms of where the date takes place, how long it lasts or how it ends. Sometimes we need to adapt to the situation because dating, especially older dating online, can take us in so many different directions, introducing us to all sorts of people, and throwing us in situations way outside of our comfort zone. At the same time, there are little things you can do so you look and feel the part even though you’d never thought you’d find yourself at an event, venue or social gathering of a certain sort.

1.     Make Every Outfit Your Own

The ‘red carpet’ isn’t really your style because it doesn’t match your cutsie, quirky, low-maintenance personality, and yet you’re still expected to accompany your partner to a formal event at a foreign embassy, … Read the rest


Dressing for the First Date: The Dos and Don’ts

Regardless if you’re a serial dater, into widower dating, recently divorced and haven’t been out with a guy in forever, or you’ve just happened to stumble upon a perfect candidate to fly you to the moon over the next several months (or years), you need to take dressing for the first date into serious consideration.

Where is the date taking place? Is it low-key or do you need fancy shoes and purses to go with your outfit choices? What’s your date’s style? This is another important factor to keep in mind because you don’t want to find yourself way out of his comfort zone. Below, we take a look at how you should decide on what to wear to ensure you’re comfortable, and he’s smitten!

1.     Dress for Comfort, Sort of

Unless you’re going on a date to your aunt’s cottage, you shouldn’t be wearing any of your comfort … Read the rest



SHOES! Because Cinderella taught us that it doesn’t matter how extraordinary you look, if you don’t have the perfect shoe.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know the ecstasy of buying shoes, because when it comes to comfortable heels, there’s always room for more.

Fashion being an instant language, the shoes you put on could be your first words. How many times have you stood in front of the mirror checking if your outfit is on point, just to pair it up with boring neutral shoes? The right pair of comfortable heels can make or break a look. Your footwear is what keeps you going through the day, I can’t imagine how you could waltz through it if you keep stumbling.

With Kerry Parker’s latest Cocktail Collection, it’s all about the finesse that embellishments are capable of adding to your footwear. Fascinating, happy hues and beautiful embellishments … Read the rest


How to Buy Lingerie for your Partner

Buying lingerie for your partner can be a balancing act. On one end, you want something that will look good on her, but you also want to pick something she’ll actually feel comfortable and sexy in. If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, knowing what she likes and what would be out of the question can be difficult. Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect lingerie for that special someone in your life.

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Do your Homework

First of all, you need a crash course in lingerie before you even start. You should be able to tell the difference between a petticoat, baby doll, robe, etc. Try and do as much research as you can both on and offline, so you’ll at least know what you’re buying and what to look for if she casually happens to mention a piece of lingerie … Read the rest


The 5 Outfits You must have to go on an Island Vacation

Half the battle of getting yourself to an island vacation is packing your suite case. Forget having to work overtime for the last 3 months in order to pay for that hefty plane ticket, or even needing that 9 am cocktail to hoist yourself into your seat without a panic attack. No, those things are all easy when comparing them to the week prior to leaving. The weather is unpredictable, so naturally you have to pack one outfit for each day in case it decides to monsoon. Who knows if you’re going to have this burst of spontaneity and want to go clubbing one night because you’re going to need a pair of heels if that happens. Maybe you’re going to meet your foreign mystery man who’s going to sweep you off your feet and bring you to the highest rated restaurant in the area, which is going to call … Read the rest


Why should you have kurtis in your wardrobe?

You know once you peep in a woman’s wardrobe, you would get to see a huge variety of outfits.  Women have different outfits, clothes and attires. Be it casual events, professional gatherings or parties; you can find females exhibiting their charm and beauty through their diverse outfits and dresses.

Talking about Kurtis, they are getting sold in India like hotcake.  Whether you talk about your nearby clothing house or a platform like; there are plenty of options in kurtis that keep the women grabbed and enthralled. Indeed, when you find something comfortable, beautiful and trendy; you must go for it. And there is no need to say that kurtis are impressive and heart winning.

These Kurtis are a fusion of Indian tradition and style. It is the finest choice for women who want to add a pinch of Indo-western touch to the dressing. It is the trendiest and … Read the rest


Who Should Buy Sexy Clothing?

There are several things that you should consider when buying sexy clothing. One is where to buy them. One great source of sexy clothes is the internet. There are thousands of websites that offer clothes and you will surely find sexy clothes that will suit your body type. Just make sure that you transact with a reliable seller who will not rip you off your money. Browse through the website and search for clothes that you like.

When choosing sexy clothing, you have to know how to distinguish between sexy and slutty. You do not want to look slutty just because you do not know any better. Choose clothes that are sexy and fun, sexy and elegant, sexy and innocent, or sexy and sexy and corporate. And if you think only girls buy sexy clothes, you are in for a big surprise. Check out the following paragraph to know who … Read the rest